Hassan Alsheikh with Marwan & Ghadi AlRahbani on the rehearsals of AlFares play

Alfares Play Rehearsals

Dubai is, indeed, a city that doesn’t sleep. We were all celebrating NYE 2016 just last night and here we are January 1st at Dubai World Trade Center – Sheikh Rashid Ballroom with the whole crew (well almost, Balqees had to fly to Bahrain for a gig few minutes before I arrive) rehearsing for AlFares “مسرحية الفارس ” which is based on H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Poems. Moayad Alshybani (A known writer and journalist in the UAE, and seems like he used to work with my dad back in the days when he was at AlKhaleej News paper) transformed the poetry into a play and Marwan and Ghadi AlRahbani transformed the play into a musical. Lots of transformations… ah well this is Dubai… we transform things… we create, build, make things.

More than 90 people working on this musical play including:

  • Ghassan Saliba (Main Actor – Alfares)
  • Balqees Fathi (Main Actress – Shomoos)
  • Jihad AlAtrash (Supporting Actor – AlHakeem)
  • Papou Lahoud (Customs Designer)
  • Moayad AlShaybani (Writer)
  • Ghadi Alrabhabi (Producer, Composer)
  • Marwan Alrahbani (Director, Producer, Writer)

Great love and respect to everyone who is working on this great play. Tickets are sold on Platinum List and the show is on the 6, 7, 8, 9 January. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that although this is an Arabic play, Non-Arabs can still enjoy the show with English subtitles, isn’t that super cool?

Thank you Brand Dubai for inviting me.

here is the video from my quick interview with them and some photos: