I Asked Alexa Out!

Amazon Fire HD 8 Unboxing:

What a day… actually a full day … a full 24 hours and still counting… i don’t know why I’m not getting sleepy at night… i think its this intermittent fasting diet that I’ve been doing for three weeks now… i know i feel great and full of energy almost all the time.

Had a nice smooth show at the station and did a pre-recorded radio interview with the Brand manager of GMC middle east talking about their participation in Dubai International Motor show that started on the 14th of November is will end on the 18th.

As the day goes by i decided to play with one of my birthday gifts, the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet that i have mixed feelings about specially when it comes to the built quality and features… i knows its just a reading device, and a very good one actually, but I’m still secretly comparing it with the iPad (Mini).

Long story short… i’m still not sure how i feel about it .. give me sometime with Alexa, alone, and i’ll give you all her dirty secrets. i promise. Or you can actually do a quick YT search and you could find tons of great real teach reviews about the Amazon Fire HD 8.