Video – Shiraz – Kif Badak 3ani Tghib / شيراز – كيف بدك عني تغيب

Where do I start… lets be positive for one second only… i like the overall feel of the song .. it could be done a gazillion light years better since we were heading to the international charts/hiphop’ish feel if we weren’t scared of breaking the Arabic rules of pop’ish music (if there were any, most of then are cheap copies anyways).. okay relax.. go back to your point I honestly don’t know who to blame Jean Saliba or Aytekin Kurt or Shiraz for not pushing the limits … eno whats wrong with having a rap verse in the middle.. the song was calling for it.

Nicolas Jebran’s work shows big time, for a second i saw Maya Diab there.

Fadi Haddad seriously man .. you let her drive a Lambo and show that she can’t even see the steering wheel?

Who was the painter… oh yes Maya Yammine.. great job girl. loved your drawings.

But honestly i still like the song… i really do… i’ll remix it and play it on sabaho.

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