A Week with no internet

My Internet DRAMA:

I HAD NOT INTERNET FOR A WEEK. During this week I realised how much of an Internet addict I am. My router started acting up leaving me with unreliable internet. This drove me crazy. Also, my house has bad mobile coverage for me to receive normal phone calls let alone tether good reliable internet.

So, me being the tech guy, I had to research my options to finally decide on getting the ASUS RT-AC68U from souq.com for a great deal that i’m very happy about. While I was on souq.com I got carried away and ordered an extra thing or two. Extras got here before the main purchase. That really frustrated me so I called a friend of mine and went out for a late lunch and a movie (internet out of the house is better as well lol).

I found out that Suicide Squad is very disappointing on so many levels: the story, script, direction, editing and score. What were you guys thinking. I can do a better job directing this movie than the total outcome that got $350 million dollars in BOX Office when I checked last.

Rania Younes, gets me a nice yummy surprise from her trip to Lebanon. Garlic vinegar which apparently has TONS of health benefits. I would like to assure you that I’m half way done with the bottle already & researching how to make it at home.

Anyways watch this week’s vlog and let me know what you think… or don’t…

Oh yeah I answer a few genius questions towards the end… I’m serious genius in the positive and negative way… this social media business is going to make me lose my hair. If you have something to #AskHassan use the contact form or my Twitter account eh. Salam for now.. #BokraAhla